Sell Directly on Facebook with a Facebook Shop by Shopify: The Pros and Cons Included


Why you should set up a store on your Facebook page? Why do you need to consider selling directly on Facebook with a Facebook shop by Shopify? Read this article and discover the pros and cons of integrating Shopify with Facebook!

Is your website/online store up and running? Are you looking to make the next big move? You can add another selling platform and boost brand awareness. We have a great suggestion – you can promote your products on your Facebook shop by taking advantage of Shopify Facebook app.

The Facebook Business page is a great platform to showcase your products and leverage customer relationships. There are lots of ways to build new Facebook relationships. Have you considered about simplifying the shopping experience? Believe it or not, the Facebook shop does that, and you have the option to help your shoppers by directing them to your website and let them check out without leaving your Facebook page or mobile application.

As we already mentioned above, this platform is aimed towards small businesses and the way in which it is set up is very user-friendly. The builder itself is very easy to use which means that you will be able to come with an amazing ecommerce even if you are doing that process for the first time ever. The payment processing is another part that is really easy to work with, and you will also get some really great marketing tools that will help you put your new business on the map.

Here are some of the reasons why you should set up a Facebook shop by Shopify:

  • Builds customer trust: When a customer visits your online store, you need to make sure you are providing them with the best possible shopping experience. This will help you establish brand trust. The truth is that nowadays, there are so many online shopping scams and online shoppers are skeptic when it comes to shopping at a new online store. Show your customers they can trust you.
  • Drive traffic to your store: Facebook is a great way to drive traffic to your Shopify store. Facebook has a wide range of audiences with a huge potential of converting the audience into active and loyal shoppers.
  • Customer convenience: Facebook shop makes shopping decisions easier and quicker. It is proven that Facebook shop eliminates browsing time which successfully solves the problem of today’s society.
  • Brand awareness: Did you know that 90% of the smartphone users aren’t sure of the specific store or brand they want to purchase when they start shopping? In some situations, social media plays a huge role in purchase decision making.

Having your own Facebook shop by Shopify has its own drawbacks. Some of the downsides of integrating Shopify with your Facebook page are:

  • Negative feedback: We can all agree that Facebook is a two-way solution and 24.7 active ecommerce platform meaning unhappy or unsatisfied customers can share their complaints and concerns in a public way. Remember to never delete a comment, instead, be sure to address every single complaint in a professional manner.
  • Time constraint: You should know that you will spend a lot of time maintaining your Facebook business page. You can post a useful content and publish regularly to keep your visitors informed. If your goal is to engage with your Shopify store, you must dedicate time and post something on your Facebook page almost every day.
  • Advertising cost: Creating a Facebook business page is free of charge, however, in order for you to start seeing a profit, you must promote and offer a unique shopping experience. Keep in mind that it might take a while for your business page to become popular. Just be patient.
Facebook Shop by Shopify

If you are interested in running your Facebook shop by Shopify, here is how to set up the Shop section. First, you need to log into your Shopify account, connect your Shopify account and your Facebook business page (click on “connect account” and then “continue”). Allow Shopify to publish and manage content instead. Select page to add the shop button, select connect page, agree to all Facebook terms. Once you are done, the offline “shop” function is added to your Facebook page.

Go to your Shopify store, find the Facebook Dashboard in Shopify, enter billing address, enable your Facebook shop by choosing a plan. Enter the credit card information and you can start selling!

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